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How do I improve my corporate image?

Kinetic can help you define your company's ideals, motives and objectives, presenting them as a clear visual identity.

"A brand is not a product or a promise or a feeling.
It's the sum of all the experiences you have with a company"

Amir Kassaei, Creative Director - DDB Agency

What's included in your
corporate identity pod (package).


Audit of your corporate identity, including:

  • Recommendations for change across your corporate ID.

  • Redesigning your corporate ID where necessary.

  • 4 sessions, each costing £300 (inc VAT) billed over 4 months (or sooner if required).

The corporate identity pod is designed to help you project trust in your company and its culture. 

Why does your corporate identity matter?

  • Put everything in your business – from stationery to photos of people and buildings – on to a blank wall.  This is your current corporate identity. Does it make you stand out? Could it be improved?

  • When you get everything in your business working in harmony and you ‘look the business’, no matter how small you are, lots of other things fall into place eg: the type of customer you attract, how well you perform financially.

  • A compelling corporate identity ensures your business is recognised, remembered and respected.

"You don’t have to be a big company to make a big impression"
Sid Gibson
Does my firm look big in this? 

Your corporate identity pod timeline:
  • Session 1 - reviewing your physical brand expression.

  • Session 2 – auditing your corporate identity across all owned media – blogs, website, social platforms.

  • Session 3 – researching where you are earning engagement or editorial and reviewing how your corporate identity is conveyed on these.

  • Session 4 – determining where you are paying for editorial or features and reviewing how effective these are in conveying your corporate identity.


Each of the Kinetic Kickstarter Pods can be adapted to suit your exact needs – just ask one of our team for help.

When you purchase one of our pods, an initial payment of £300 will be taken.

From then, we will define and agree a recurring payment plan to suit you.

Let's get started - book your first session!


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