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Advertorial - A piece of written content sold into the press that has been paid for. It is paid for because it typically features the company a lot and is therefore similar to an advert.


Above the line - Now becoming a piece of out-of-date jargon, typically, this involves the widespread promotional activity that isn't particularly targeted, for example, national TV campaigns. 

B2B - Business to Business, you offer products other businesses or organisations are interested in.


B2C - Business to Consumer, you offer products the general public are interested in.


Backlinks - Links from external websites to your website.


Below the line - Now becoming a piece of out-of-date jargon, typically, this involves much more direct and specific promotional activity aimed purely at targeted customers.


Bought media – Pay per Click (PPC), an advert in a magazine or even a poster in a local shop – anything you pay for.

Call to action - Something that prompts an immediate response e.g 'Call now', 'Find out more' 


Communications - An integral part of your business, talking to your customers directly and indirectly across every touchpoint


Content Marketing - Creating and sharing valuable and relevant content that your target audience wants to know about. It isn't a hard sell of your products, it's supporting information.


Copywriting 'copy' - Any content that is written to promote your business. This could be website copy, blog copy or press releases etc.


Crisis Communications - Communicating to the public or other stakeholders when in an emergency situation or an unexpected event occurs.


Customer Relationship Management 'CRM' system - Helps to manage the data and information you've collected from customers or potentials.  


Customer Value Proposition - A customer value proposition is a promise of potential value that a business delivers to its customers and in essence is the reason why a customer would choose to engage with the business.

Editorial - A piece of written content sold into the press that hasn't been paid for. It is unpaid because while the business (or product) is mentioned it isn't featured heavily - otherwise that would be an advertorial.


Earned media – Retweets, social sharing, reviews, testimonials – the comments you receive for your work or the editorial we can secure for you.


Feature - A feature is a form of editorial, it is a big piece that covers the main story usually requiring different opinions, research or covering an event.

Incoming Links - A webpage linking to your site. 


Influencers - Who is prevalent in your industry? Who are people listening to or following? That is an influencer because they have influence over your customers or your industry.


Internal Communications - Creating effective communication between you and everyone involved within your organisation.


Keywords - Once you know your key messages, you break this down into the keywords you want to be searched for. This is whatever your customers or potentials are going to search to find you.


Lead Generation - Process of identifying and engaging with prospects who have a qualified interest in your offering.


Media Monitoring - Monitoring key publications for coverage of our editorial we send out.


Media Relations - Building relationships with key journalists and publications.


News Monitoring - Scanning the papers, magazines and online for key headlines and topics you can react to or 'newsjack'.

Offline Promotion - Any advertising or promotion not on the internet, this could be anything from a piece of editorial ina glossy to a flyer in a shop window.


Offline SEO - Activities to increase traffic to your site that is done away from your site, e.g securing backlinks through editorial.


Online SEO - Technical and non-technical improvements to your site, carried out on the site, e.g creating quality, keyword rich content or making changes to the code so the website performs better.


Owned media – Your website, your social media pages, your shop – the key point is it’s yours, you own it.

Page Ranking a value assigned to a web page as a measure of its popularity or importance, used to determine the order in which search engine results are presented


Persona - Your ideal customer. We build customer profiles to help define who your audience is and where they are.


PPC - Pay per click is a form of advertising on Google where advertisers pay a fee every time their ad is clicked. They're the green boxes at the top of every google search.


Press Release - Sometimes called a news release, it gives specific information to journalists about a particular event or something happening in your business e.g a new launch.


Prospects - List of potential customers.


Reactive PR 'Newsjacking' - Finding a great angle. Responding to a current piece of news that relates to your business, industry or product/service.


ROI - Return on investment


Search Engine Optimisation 'SEO' - Measures you take to improve the quality of your website and increase traffic to your site. This can be broken down into Offline SEO and Online SEO.

Touchpoint - Everywhere you and your customers come into contact. This can be your website, social media, editorial, an advert or your shop. You need touchpoints everywhere your customers will be.


VMV - Vision, mission and values, this is how we make you stand out by defining your key messages.

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