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Why do I need a social media calendar?

Kinetic can help you understand the importance of social media - what to say, how and when to say it.

"We don't have a choice on whether we DO social media,
the question is how WELL we do it"

Erik Qualman, Digital leadership speaker

What's included in your
social media calendar pod (package).

A two-week social media content plan outlining themes for your social media, including:

  • Determining and setting up the three social media platforms which will work best for your business.


  • Details of what you should be posting and on which platforms.

  • Determining when and how often you should be posting.

  • Helping you understand what your target audiences will find engaging.

  • 4 sessions, each costing £300 (inc VAT) billed over 4 months (or sooner if required).

Why is social media important for your business?

  • Social media is an essential marketing platform which enables you to connect with your customers, raise awareness of your brand and generate more and higher quality business leads.

  • Effective use of your social media will ensure you’re on the front foot of modern changes in communication.

  • The social media calendar pod is designed to help you gain structure to your social media posts – ensuring they’re purposeful, current and effective.

“The ROI of social media is that your business will still exist in 5 years.”

Erik Qualman.

Your social media calendar pod timeline:

  • Session 1 – discussions around your current social media use, helping you determine your aims, who you want to target - your ideal prospect.

  • Session 2 – determining what content would work hardest for you, when and how this differs across different social media platforms.

  • Session 3 – drilling down the details of your precise prospect targets, their personas and what types of content they would most value or would help them solve their problem(s).

  • Session 4 – amending initial draft and confirming social media calendar.


This social media calendar pod is designed to build your social media foundation on which you can add content

– either created in-house or by another you instruct – such as Kinetic.

Each of the Kinetic Kickstarter Pods can be adapted to suit your exact needs – just ask one of our team for help.

When you purchase one of our pods, an initial payment of £300 will be taken.

From then, we will define and agree a recurring payment plan to suit you.

Let's get started - book your first session!


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